Commitment to Quality

THM Electrical & Communications prides itself on its professionalism and its high standards of quality.

Our quality assurance is founded on:

  • Quality Management System (based on ISO 9001:201)
  • Clear identification and capture of customer requirements
  • Careful selection of quality staff, suppliers, and materials
  • A shared commitment to quality (by the Director and all staff)
  • Thorough workplace inspections and audits
  • Sourcing quality products to achieve:
    • Continually improved asset quality
    • Longer asset lifecycles, with maximum asset life and use
    • Reduced repair visit costs

We only hire staff who are committed to consistently delivering quality service and outcomes for our clients. They are also fully qualified and experienced.

Safety Policy

THM Electrical & Communications recognises its responsibilities for providing a safe and healthy workplace and is committed to ensuring that the health and safety of all employees and other work site users are protected.

We recognise it is our responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all our employees, clients and surrounding community and ensure all legal requirements are complied with.

We are strongly committed to rigorous safety practices, supported by the strict following of processes and standards of the company’s comprehensive Occupational Health & Safety System.

We encourage everybody to take personal responsibility for safety and to exercise the upmost care before they commence any task. We do this by ensuring all staff have the skills, knowledge, and authority to undertake their respective roles, follow health and safety instructions, use protective clothing and equipment, report hazards, report injuries and can carry out their duties in a safe and professional manner.

Environmental Policy

THM Electrical & Communications is committed to undertaking our business activities and meeting the expectations of our customers in an environmentally responsible manner.

We do this by:

  • Minimising adverse environmental effects of
  • our operations
  • Reducing energy consumption and
  • greenhouse gas emissions by ourselves and,
  • within our scope of works, by our customers
  • Minimising use of hazardous substances
  • Implementing and maintaining best practice
  • waste management procedures

To assist our clients to reduce their energy usage, carbon emissions and other adverse environmental impacts, we:

  • Provide advice on energy-saving plant and
  • equipment and procedures
  • Provide advice on potential alternative
  • energy management and environmentally-
  • friendly options
  • Continually look for ways to recommend
  • or implement changes in practice, parts,
  • or processes to improve service or reduce
  • costs and minimise environmental impacts
  • for our clients