Does Your Home Require Rewiring?

If you have an older house, having it rewired can be the perfect home improvement. Older houses may have frayed wires that can pose a fire hazard and they often don’t have enough wiring for today’s needs. The fire hazard increases if you use too much electricity for your existing wiring. This can include having extension cords with extra plugs, which can overload the system. Rather than improvise and risk a fire, having the house rewired can help you have everything you need for today’s lifestyle. Having a home rewired can be expensive, but it will give you the peace of mind of knowing your home is not in danger and you will have wiring for all your needs. After all, more than 40% of residential fires in Australia are associated with electrical faults or failures caused by degraded wiring or overloading the system.

How Much Will This Cost Me Rewire My House?

Rewiring a home can involve anything from fixing up a few dodgy outlets to replacing all the wires throughout your home. You might just be covering the essentials, or thinking of the future and setting your house up for complete home automation. Since rewiring jobs are so varied, it’s impossible to put a simple price tag on the project. But on average, you can expect to spend between $3,500 and $8000 to rewire a medium-sized home. Other factors to consider when determining the price of your home re-wire include:

The size of your house (or the job, which can range from rewiring a simple socket to rewiring the entire house)

The location of your home

The materials you need (the amount of wire, switchboards, outlets, light switches, and other electrical components)

Additional services (such as additional power point installations or home automation)

How easily accessible the wiring is (if you have a suitable crawl space or accessible attic, the costs may be less)

Signs Of Needing To Rewire Your Home

Not sure whether a rewiring your home is necessary? Here are some signs your home electrics may need a makeover:

Your house is more than 30 years old

Fuses blow often

Lights flicker or dim regularly

The electrical panel is over-fused

Light bulbs need replacing often

There are buzzing sounds or burning smells from electrical outlets

There are sparks from an outlet when you plug in an appliance

You receive tingling or a minor shock when you touch wall outlets

Circuit breakers are constantly tripping

Switchplates, cords, or plugs are hot or discoloured

Plugs sit loosely in the outlets

You have too many extension cords, power strips, and double adapters

Your suspect the previous owner carried out incorrect wiring

Areas THM Service:

Our qualified and friendly electricians service all areas in and around Perth including:

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